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July Reflection: ‘Ordinary time’

The Church year is full of different seasons and celebrations.  So often it seems we are preparing for something as with Advent and Lent or we have ocassion to celerate as with Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, though I know that’s not a full list.  July is different though.  In Church year terms it is a whole month of what we call ‘Ordinary Time’.  It’s a strange expression and it almost makes it feel like the lectionary compilers are saying ‘nothing to see here’, ‘nothing much is going to happen this month’.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve wanted some ‘ordinary time’ over the last year or so.  We have lived with so much uncertainty and change both in our personal lives and in our life as church that it has left us yearning for the ordinary, everyday experiences of life.  Sharing a cup of coffee with a friend, calling in on a loved one, holding a hand, comforting someone who is upset.  Unable to do these things, I have come to realise that such everyday experiences of life, far from ordinary, are completely extraordinary.  They may be small and simple things, but they matter hugely and we have missed them terribly.

As I write this, it is still unclear just how ordinary July will be, though I suspect we will remain in uncertain and changing times for a while yet.  Even so, some of the small, ordinary things have been slowly coming back, emerging like tiny flowers in a meadow.  Each so small, but together making a huge difference as they bring joy and life.  As they do, I am sure we will all have a renewed appreciation and see how far from ordinary they truly are.  I hope then that this month you find your own wild flower moments, and in them see something of our extraordinary God.

Everyday God, we give you thanks and praise for all the small things of life that make a big difference to us.  We think particularly of all those at this time who continue to struggle with their everyday life.  May they, and we, recognise your presence in all times.  Amen.

Every blessing, Lorna