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March reflection

Who likes pancakes?  I know I do and this year, the very first day of March is Shrove Tuesday which we also call ‘pancake day’.  Yummy!

Traditionally Shrove Tuesday is a day of ending, of using up all the tasty things that go into making pancakes before Lent starts the next day on Ash Wednesday.  The using up is about giving ourselves space to focus in Lent on things other than our next delicious treat or whatever else it is that may be our own particular indulgence.  Space to think, to reflect and to prepare as we move forward with hope to Easter.  It’s a time of feasting before the fasting time of Lent when we remember Jesus preparing for ministry by taking away from the distractions of daily life.

Well, I am not sure that these days Shrove Tuesday really is the feast before the fast for most of us.  And there are times we need to have those treats that lift our spirits. Though I know many people do still take on the challenge of giving things up for Lent and I hope that it goes well if you are thinking of doing that. 

Even if we aren’t feasting or fasting though, I hope we can still see Shrove Tuesday and the start of Lent that follows as something of a turning point.  A time when we can look for opportunities where we can just get a moment away from the busyness of every day life to reflect and think.
A time when we can prepare to move forward with hope.  I think we all need that after the difficulties of the last couple of years.

And, if we get to eat some tasty pancakes as well, even better!

God of hope, we give thanks for the patterns of life that give us chance to celebrate and enjoy life, but also to take time out to reflect.  This Lent, help us to find the moments that will help us to look forward with hope to the joy of Easter.   Amen.

Every blessing, Lorna