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September reflection

I have been in the North Bedfordshire Circuit for 5 years now.  For those who know how the Methodist Church works, this is how long ministers are often invited to stay initially.  Last year though the churches and my family reflected together I was invited, and accepted, staying for 3 more years. 

One of the things I felt I could offer in staying was some continuity for the churches I worked with.  That seemed important given that we are in changing times and, given the events of the last 18 months, we are going to have to think about things differently into the future.  As well as staying then, this new church year feels like a bit of a new start for me.

Perhaps you are going through times with a mix of staying the same and new starts?  A new school? New home? New job? New family member? These new things maybe won’t change everything, but some things will change and that can be both a joy and a challenge!

I wonder what you feel has changed for you lately?  What changes have you enjoyed?  What has been more challenging?  Over the last 18 months, many things have changed and as we work out how we move forward I suspect that will be a whole mix of changes and new starts as well as settling back into some things that are familiar.

Certainly, I feel we are facing this in our churches.  We are increasingly recognising that our resources are limited.  Some change then might mean finding new ways to share with others to help make best use of what we have.  Some might be about finding what we can uniquely contribute and where we might focus out energy.  In all of this, some things may look the same, but other things will change and it will take time to work that out. 

I hope though, that over the next 3 years, this is something we can explore together.  After all, the Bible tells us ‘You are the body of Christ. Each one of you is a part of it.’ (1 Cor 12:27) Whatever changes or stays the same then, may we each find our part.

Loving God, we thank you that you are present with us both in times of continuinty and of change.  May we each find the way in which we are called to be part of the one body of Christ.  Amen.

Every blessing, Lorna