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The Need Project on a Wednesday morning welcomes all who need a helping hand with free food. 
It is filled every week with a variety of best-before date food that the supermarkets have to throw out on that day. 
Sometimes we have flowers, drinks, fruit and veg in abundance - we always have bread and cakes. We never know what we will be having!

Open now from 9.00-11am you will be sure of a warm welcome and a cup of tea or coffee from our friendly team. 
No referral is needed. It is open to all. You can come from anywhere to collect food if you are in need.

To know and love God more fully and to encourage others to do the same

Sunday Services

  Regular service time 9.30 .  
First Sunday of the month joint circuit worship 10.30am

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Coffee mornings first Saturday of the month 10am-12.

June reflection

June has now become established as Bible Month in many Methodist Churches.  Over the years since it was established, we have looked at many different books of the Bible to explore more closely the stories of the people and places that are contained in them.  It’s a bit like borrowing and reading a book at a time from the library, rather than trying to look at everything together!

This year, several years in, we are going back to the beginning!  We are going to be exploring more about the book of Genesis.  As well as the story of creation, there are lots of stories in the book of Genesis about different characters and people we might recognise.  We have Adam, Eve and the garden of Eden in Genesis.  Noah’s Ark is in there with all its animals and the rainbow of God’s promise.  Many of the characters we still speak about in Church are in there such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and of course Joseph (of technicolour dreamcoat fame).  There are stories of name changes and difficult times including a tragic fall out between two brothers with long-lasting consequences.

As well as all of this though, Genesis is the start of the story of God and God’s people.  A story that will build and continue throughout the Bible, but also a story that we keep living today as people of God.  Genesis then isn’t just a story for the past, but a story for now and for the future.   

I wonder what your story is at the moment and what you see if you look back?  I wonder too what you see if you look ahead?  That can be hard, especially when there are lots of challenges in the world around us.  But for me, the book of Genesis is a reminder that, right from the start, we were all part of God’s story.  That gives me comfort and also hope.  Because if there is one thing I know about the story of God past, present and future, is that it is a story of love.  I am loved by God, and so are you.  May that be the story we live and the story we share.

Loving God, we thank you for the stories in the Bible.  Help us to find our own story as your people caring for your world.  Amen.

Every blessing, Lorna