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Well, friends, we’ve eaten up all the goodies on pancake day in anticipation of Lent which started this year on Wednesday 26th February making the start of the month of March the first Sunday in the Lenten season.


According to the worship book that we use in the Methodist Church, ‘since the early days Christians have observed with great devotion the time of our Lord’s passion, death and resurrection.  It is the custom of the Church to prepare for this by a period of penitence and self-denial.’ (page 141)


Such words bring to mind the sense of Lent as a time to give things up, to deny ourselves some of the luxuries of life and perhaps revisit the now forgotten good intentions we might have had at the start of the year. 


Increasingly though, Christians have recognised that self-denial can be as much about taking something up as it can be about laying something down.  Maybe you’ve been struggling with praying as regularly as you would like and Lent can be a time to take up a new pattern of prayer or the study of scripture.  There are many Lent resources to help with this and a number this year are focussing on environmental issues and how we can take up practices that will help the world around us.